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Some of the following were special projects, while others are production models that may be ordered from Captain's Models.

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Freedom Ship "City on the Sea"

Grand Banks 58 Motor Yacht

Jersey Cape

Noah's Ark

Pearson 40 Sailboat

Prime Time

Thriller Power Boats

White Lightning 

Jersey Cape



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Prime Time






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Grand Banks 58 Motor Yacht

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Pearson 40

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Thriller Power Boats



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Grand Banks 43 Eastbay HT Express

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SEA WINGS is the pride and joy of Mr. Robert Masson, of Old Greenwich, CT. The special attention to family desires, and a quest for a yacht with a vivid personality resulted in one of the most beautiful Grand Banks/Eastbay 43 yachts ever built. You will see more photos of the model, and a statement from "Captain Masson" on the brochure at the front of our web page. This model is displayed upon one of our custom made, high gloss bases with colors used that reflect the colors used on the yacht.

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85' Catamaran

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The  yacht WHITE LIGHTNING in Alaska

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WHITE LIGHTNING model... at Mercer Island, home port of her big sister.

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Noah's Ark

building-the-ark.jpg (66549 bytes)   building-the-ark_2.jpg (57850 bytes)   inspector-Chaz.jpg (56422 bytes)   water-testing-the-ark.jpg (58819 bytes)

Using our God given talents to build boats, we recently had an opportunity for a small "payback".

A young fellow by the name of Jeremy Wiles, of McDonald, Tennessee, had a special need for a large model of Noah's Ark for a documentary film he is working on.   We normally build high gloss, fiberglass yachts, but this project called for a totally different approach & construction.  Rough..Tough..& Ready to launch.

Our first objective was the design. Most pictorial images of the ark appear to be more of a fairy tail, and depict it in almost a "cartoon" image with giraffe and elephants with their heads poking out of the windows.  In reality, this would NOT have been the situation.

The ark would have to be a very sturdy vessel, no fine lines or finish. Therefore, we built it to look "hand hewn" and rather bulky. Certainly no streamlining required for basic survival.  Once we arrived at a "logical" design, a large form was constructed with aircraft foam. When shaping was finished, seven layers of 7 oz. fiberglass cloth was applied.

Several hundred feet of very small wood planking was then milled and attached to the fiberglass form.

Final finish was total waterproofing with resin and then airbrushed with a suitable color.

Since there has yet to be an "official" rendering of the original ark, all replications and renderings are speculative, of course, and we are not saying that our conception is anything other than a vessel designed in the "form following function". For more information about the model and the on going search for Noah's Ark, you will find the site below quite interesting.

The Quest for Bible Treasures

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Above photos at Captain's Model Development Center, Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA
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